donderdag 15 februari 2018

Earn Bitcoins while using Google Chrome

A lot of people in the world (about 59%) are using Google Chrome as their standard browser. And if a few percent of that millions of people work for you and earn bitcoins for you?? So that can be a lot of money. And why not earn bitcoins while you are surfing with Google Chrome?

With this new program Crypto Tab you can easily put a little button in your browser by clicking the blue button "Add to Chrome" and start earning bitcoins immediately. Invite all your friends who do the same so you can earn more than 1 BTC per month!
See how it works and click here.

After one minute you can surf on the internet as you always did, while Google Chrome earns money for you. Very simpel and easy.

If you don't use Google Chrome click here and make it your standard browser.

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