woensdag 7 februari 2018

The Uniqueness of Bitcoin Donation Board

Join the Bitcoin Donation Board by just paying as low as 0.00099999 BTC and you can earn up to 48,178.26542970 BTC. No mining or trading. And the most exciting part is Bitcoin comes directly to your wallet w/o having to wait weeks or months. So you got no fear of being scammed, coz there's no middle man to hold your money. It's between you and your friend and their downline. Enjoy hassle free transactions.

This is one of the Safest Programs to join. You just have to start with 2 of your friends/family or acquaintances and their donations will directly be credited in your bitcoin wallet. The more your downline grows, the more opportunities you get to earn bitcoins as big as 48,178.26542970 BTC.

The Proces:
- You will be able to invite five direct members into your board
- Once there is five, all the members you invite will go to board position available on any level on your board
- With First Level Upgrade, you will receive donations from your direct down line of 5 members
- With Second Level Upgrade, you will receive donations from members in board's second level (25 members)
- And this process will continue up to rest of the Ten available levels
- You will be able to create only one board at a time and start another new board once all the board positions are filled by members

This platform will help you to collect some Bitcoins with the help of the community members. To participate on this platform you can start with a small donation amount to your direct Upline. The donation amount will be sent directly to the Upline member and the platform will only get the upline member's bitcoin address where you will need to send the donation directly. The platform will also automatically verify that you have sent the payment and wait for enough confirmation to complete the upgrade process. Once the upgrade process is completed you will get your own Bitcoin Donation Board where you can invite other members. Finally You should upgrade to all the available upgrades so that you qualify for all the donation sent by your Board Downline members. A point to remember is that, To receive donation from your board second level Downline you will need to have second level Upgrade and so on...

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  1. I tried it with another (second) test account and it really works. I got the money in my other bitcoin address. So the story above is true! But it's hard to find 5 people who want to also pay. You must invite good friends, family or relatives as your referrals.